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Welcome to
3B IT consulting.

3B IT is a software consulting company established by experienced IT professionals from Germany, Poland and Slovak Republic.

We have a deep understanding of the specifics of the IT industry, especially on the European market. With our broad experience in a variety of projects and a large network of IT experts, we can achieve your project goals with high quality while still being cost-efficient.

We are the nearshore partner for your IT needs.

IT Services

We support you in all aspects of your IT business, starting from planning, through specification, architecture design, development, testing as well as project management. We work in agile, classic or hybrid methodologies. Organisationally we can be involved into the project either on a fixed-price basis or on time-and-material one.

Strategy, budgeting, controlling, team managementProject Management
Design, governance, mentoringSoftware architecture
Frontend, backend, devopsSoftware development
Strategy, manual tests, automated testsQuality assurance

Our partners

Insurance is our primary business area,
but we are not limited to it.


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Public sector

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Other sectors

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Experienced professionals you can trust

80Network of IT partners
60Successful projects
25Years in the industry
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International experts

We are a software house from Europe with experts working mainly from hotspots in Poland and Slovakia but we provide our solutions of the highest quality for clients from all over the world.

DACH, central & eastern EuropeCustomer locations
Bratislava, SlovakiaHeadquarters
Germany, Poland, SlovakiaHotspot locations
German, English, Polish, SlovakLanguages

The contractors and partners of 3B IT Consulting have experience with a broad variety of clients and projects: starting from big corporate projects (100+ team members, 100+ Mio EUR budget), through middle size projects to small start-ups.

Such a variety of projects help us to act efficiently and appropriately in different real-life projects with different challenges.

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Our values

and trustworthiness

Consulting companies often establish a very close relationship with the client and its employees, often gaining access to confidential information and systems. It is therefore very important for the client to be sure that his external partners are looking after his interests in the best possible way. 3B ensures this by very careful selection of employees and partners, and verification of their references. 3B can also provide references from our previous clients. This gives a new client the confidence that he is establishing a relationship with a professional and reliable company.

Customer orientation
and flexibility

We always put the customer in the first place. We involve the client in key decisions on many levels - we want to find the best possible solution that is the consensus of all stakeholders. When gathering requirements and designing a solution, we analyse and consult it with the client. We are proactive and propose our ideas, but always respect the client's expectations. We discuss important design decisions, both technical and non-technical, in the terms of advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, we are flexible in organisational (project methodology, roles), technical (technology and implementation approach) and operational aspects (people allocation).

Efficient communication

Communication problems exist in many projects, either linguistic ones (multinational teams) or people from different domains (technical, business) do not understand each other. 3B recommends DDD concepts with its ubiquitous language. We want the business concepts to be clear to the technical team and effectively translated into working software. We want the technical team to quickly learn the domain and validate the requirements during implementation. On top of this, we communicate respectfully and sincerely with everyone in the project - both in moments of success and in challenging ones. This amplifies the measurable benefits and makes work more enjoyable and motivating.

Innovation and first-class
software engineering

We strive for innovation on multiple levels. At the business level we want to improve, streamline business processes. At the technical level we use modern yet proven and stable technologies and approaches. We also draw a lot of inspiration from software craftsmanship, including the principles of 'clean architecture' and 'clean code' … [link for more details]


In IT, there are many methodologies, schemes and good practices in virtually every area, from project management to design, implementation, testing and maintenance. We appreciate established schemes of conduct and apply them, but we always try to find a solution to a given task or problem in an effective and efficient manner - this sometimes requires deviating from the patterns or making compromises. However, if this is understood and accepted by the stakeholders and the resulting implications are clear - we believe it is the right approach.

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